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Gosforth's Fête by Alan Ayckbourn ......


Performances on 12th & 13th February 2010 , were in aid of Rainbow House . The charity specialises in providing services to children with neurolgical problems and conditions such as cerebral palsy, genetic and metabolic conditions and acquired brain injuries.

Shoestring is pleased to report that £1000 was raised for this excellent cause.
















Gosforth's Fête is a one-act play originally part of a production called Confusions which consisted of five one-act plays written in 1974 by Alan Ayckbourn.

Publican Gosforth is running the village fête, but there's bad personal news from stalwart Milly Carter over the public-address system. Cub master Stewart Stokes discovers alcohol, there's a fine vicar, and Councillor Mrs Pearce gets severely disheveled. Gosforth's Fête starts as drama, develops into well-choreographed chaos as everything goes wrong and climaxes in a full-blown (literally) farce.
















An electrocuting and explosive finale!














Reverend Braithwaite takes great delight in Stokes' misfortune.














All the cast on stage with a dishevelled Councillor Mrs Pearce
















Milly Carter meets Councillor Mrs Pearce